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Q. What are your rates?

A. Please see the Donations Page. If you would like to inquire further regarding donations, please contact me via my contact form or email prior to our meeting. I will not discuss donations in person.


Q. Will you travel to my location?

A. Sorry, at this time I am only available for incalls.


Q. Am I paying for sex with you?

A. No, absolutely not. You are paying for my time, what we do with that time is up to both of us. Paying for sex is illegal in most states in the US.


Q. Will you wear a special outfit for me?

A. Yes, however, if the outfit is not currently in my wardrobe, you will be responsible for purchasing it. Please contact me for my sizes, if it is not already noted on the Wish List Page.


Q. Why can’t I see your face?

A. I value your discretion and privacy, and I ask that you understand my discretion as well.


Q. Do you provide same-day appointments?

A. Not typically. As it may take a few days to screen new clients, it is always best to plan in advance and request a time that allows me to verify references.



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